“An engaging speaker, well-spoken, funny and unafraid of calling it as he sees it.”

I like to talk about social enterprise.

Social Enterprise is trending. More people want to do the right thing by others and by the world. Credit (or blame, if you are so inclined) education. The more we know, the better we perform individually and as a species. The more we understand about the world, the more we see how others live and the struggles they face, the more sympathetic we become.

As a public speaker, I have addressed wide range of topics over the years. But my favourite topic is organization, how to put people and resources together to accomplish great things.

I believe in empathy, and resilience. I like to tell stories that show how ego can brought into line, and how you find the energy to accomplish great things. Success need not be elusive, or merely a dream. Success is something we do a thousand times every day. We just don’t necessarily see it, especially in ourselves.

I also want people know where I stand. Theses days, surrounded by affluence and well-ness, the fruits of postWW2 industry, the persistence of Conservativism is perplexing. The world is aghast. Conservatives preach ignorance. And everyone knows and hates ignorance when they see it. And greed. We disdain both instinctively. We know better.

Still, many of us are cowed before the callousness of it all, as if we are unsure…it  might really be a dog eat dog world. But we know it isn’t. The world is no more to be feared than a bully is right. We all know this truth as soon as somebody stands up and says no. A thousand thousand feel good Hollywood movies attest to our native understanding of right and wrong, fairness and justice.

We live in an unprecedented time of productivity and healthy communication. Everything we have accomplished in technology, finance, government, health and science is because we know how to communicate and work together.

Because we are so good at communicating and sharing selflessly, the world is riding a unprecedented wave of prosperity and wellness. As Stephen Pinker points out, we are, overall, globally, healthier, longer lived, and more peaceful than ever before in history.

So I am an optimist, a critic, a contrarian, but also an evangelist for doing the right thing the right way.

Companies often brag about their team’s cumulative years of experience. I am the team here and I’ve only lived so long. Pushing 40 years of work experience. I’d like to be able to claim that I have personally accumulated 200 years of education. I’m doing okay so far, maybe 10% of the way there.

I’d like to know more about your speaking opportunity. Please email me at hello@robertlabossiere.com.