“Why can’t I just write down what I want?”

– Survey respondent (In fact you can, but that’s a story for another day.)

72% of respondents don’t have a will and 86% of those have thought about getting one.

Cost doesn’t appear to be the main obstacle. Only 6% said it was. 35% said it just wasn’t a priority and, of the majority of those who provided explanations (60%) many faulted themselves (procrastination) but also cited uncertainty about what is involved, how you do it, cost, difficult coordinating with partners, not having much in the way of possessions, etc.

About half think the most important thing about a will is giving things to certain people (when really it is at least as important that you appoint someone to look after your things when you won’t be to do it yourself).

Of those who already have a will, a little over 50% got it within the last five years (Congratulations!)

Most had a lawyer do it, for prices ranging from zero (worked for a lawyer) to about $400 (though many did not reveal what they paid).

And finally, many of you have experienced major life changes since you had your will done, including changing partners (12.5%), facing major health challenges (25%), acquiring a house (25%), and, not surprisingly for a community of social innovators, over 80% have started a social enterprise, non-profit or organization or  have joined one.

So, that’s it. Thank you again.

For those who left an email address so we can send you more info, we ’ll be in touch shortly.

Here are the results of the SimplyWills Simple Survey. Thank you to everyone who participated! If you’d like to take the survey, here it is below. We’ll check it periodically to monitor on-going feedback.

SimplyWills Simple Survey

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