school-for-soc-entre_1I was recently in Toronto and had a chance to circle round to visit my friends at the School for Social Entrepreneurs. It was so good to say hello, hear familiar voices, share their newest developments and what’s happening on my own journey.

If not for these folks, I would not likely be where I am, doing what I’m doing. I’m not sure I’m “there” yet social enterprise-wise (as Gertrude Stein said, “When you get there, there’s no there there.”) but every day brings me a bit closer to the ideal of doing sustainable and sustaining purpose-driven work.

As SSE Director Marjorie Brans said when I started discussing the daily challenges I still face, “Every day we are all channelling our challenges into productive work.”

Yes, we are. Now if only we could see that more consistently and clearly as what we are really about, and what is important about how we do things differently.


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