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Lakehead Social Planning Council hosted an informative panel discussion on tiny homes on June 11, 2019 in Thunder Bay.
Housing is in crisis everywhere. Unaffordable, deteriorating or just not enough of it in many communities.

On June 11th, 2019 the Lakehead Social Planning Council‎ (LSPC) hosted a forum to discuss how the City of Thunder Bay might address housing shortages by supporting the development of tiny homes.

‎Dignity Village in Portland is an example of community development with tiny homes. Or four tiny homes built in Whitehorse to shelter otherwise homeless people is another example. Or the Homes for Heroes village in Calgary – 18 homes for vets who have experienced homelessness. Also, some‎First Nations are building tiny homes, e.g. the Maxalt in BC are building 338 sq. ft. homes for elders.

Speakers included a tiny homes builder, a single mom tiny home owner and a tiny homes political advocate with a big vision and an excellent business plan. …

Hey, I just realized my grandma lived in a tiny home. It was one room, a detached building a short walk from the house on the farm where she raised her family, near Ladywood, MB‎. Today you might call it a granny flat.


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