Charities pledge nearly $500M to help Indigenous groups gain forest management rights | CBC News

“Evidence shows Indigenous communities are the most effective stewards of the land they inhabit and in doing so, they are ensuring that the greenhouse gas levels do not do irreversible damage to people and the planet,” said Darren Walker, president… Read More

Trillium Foundation grants preview

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is rejigging its programs. Below is a summary of how we see things shaping up and our (highly subjective) thoughts  about what they are looking for. The focus for all public funders today is economic development,… Read More

Measurables and milestones and economic impact analysis

Impact is a word you hear often these days. For social enterprises, non-profits and charities it tends to be teamed up with “social,” as in “social impact,” referring to the good you are doing. For business it tends to be… Read More